SYC Tracker for Affiliates and Advertisers

Detailed Stats

100+ Events and Metrics to Track for your Campaign

Unlimited Ads

Run As Many Ads As You Need for Each Campaign

Unlimited Pages and Offers

No Maximum Number of Pages and Offers to Track

If Conditional Redirect

GEO, Device, OS and many other Conditions to Redirect Traffic

Trend Performance Heatmapped

Drill-Down into the most profitable trends by Keywords, Pages and Offers with a few Clicks for Easy Optimization Opportunities

GEO Stats

Identify each Country and City Performance

Pixel and Postback

Fire Ad Network pixels. Let Affiliate Network Postback Conversions Values

All Traffic Sources And All Types Of Ads

  • Pay Per Click

  • Media Buys

  • Social Ads

  • CPV

  • Mobile Ads

  • Re Targeting Ads

  • Email Messages

  • Video Ads

  • Organic Traffic

  • Placements

  • Native Ads

  • Text Ads

Mobile Audience Overview

Easily Identify Top Performing “Traits” such as Video Support, Data Rates, Mobile OS, Screen Resolutions AND the impact they have on the profitability of the campaign

Mobile Content Supported

Identify the content your visitors can actually watch or read on their device, including file types and messaging options supported

Mobile Device Usage Data

A unique data set that allows you to view your Stats by…Devices Supporting Dual Orientation Display, Type of Pointing Method Visitors are using…Touch, ClickWheel, and more

Mobile Browser & Features Supported

View Profitability by Popular Browsers, and Drill-Down in your Stats to Identify Potential Performance and Segmenting Opportunities by “Features Supported”

Campaign Dashboard

View all your Campaigns, Clone Existing Campaigns with 1 Click or Export Campaign Setups as CSV Files for Offline Editing

Live View "Visitor Stats"

Quickly view visitors for Any or All Campaigns as they come in with Click, Conversion, GEO & Revenue Data

Customizable Stat Views

Save your Favorite and Most Used Views to Get the Data you need to make Optimization Decisions Quickly

Detailed “Buyer” Stats

View Complete Data for each Conversion including Date/Time, IP Address, Country, State, City, Revenue, SubID, and more

Report Builder

Template Based System for Easy Repeat Use and Supports Bulk Updates for Multiple Campaigns at Once

Custom Tokens Tracking

Add tokens supported by your Traffic Sources, CRM, Cart or Autoresponder to Easily Pass & Cross-Reference Data

Referrer Data

View Stats by Referrer and Use Custom Referrer Categories to spot for potential verticals of interest to Expand Targeting

Break-Out Stats

Ads, Landing Pages, Opt-In Pages, Offers, Emails & the Overall Campaign…in a 1-page easy to view format

Opt-In & Lead Tracking

Track Opt-Ins and Leads when using Double Opt-In, Single Opt-In, or When No Confirmation Page is Used

Engagement Metrics

View Complete Data for each Conversion including Date/Time, IP Address, Country, State, City, Revenue, SubID, and more

Is SYC Tracker For You?

If you have Products or Offers on the Market and wish to Track Conversions & Sales to Extremely Detailed Levels, all while Testing and Optimizing Landing Pages, Keywords, Ads, Creatives and Offersthen SYC Tracker is for you.









Setup Any Campaign Type...


Direct Link & Landing Page

Rotate Unlimited Landing Pages & Offers, Direct Link and Rotate through Multiple Offers by adjusting a Share% for each offer. Or Add Landing Pages to the Mix and Rotate through Multiple Landing Pages as well. Also split the traffic between Direct Linking and Landing Pages to easily determine the best performing approach

Lead Capture

This Campaign type gives you the ability to Split Test Multiple Opt-in Pages using only 1 autoresponder form. Plus shows you Subscribers, Opt-In Rates and Cost Per Subscriber by Keyword and Landing Page in Real-Time.Both the Landing page Sequence and Lead Capture Campaigns allow you to continue tracking after the Opt-In from your Thank you Page and Beyond. SYC Tracker gives you the option to send Subscribers directly to an Offer or to a Landing Page...Tracking conversions every step of the way.

Landing Page Sequence

Use Deep Visitor Sequences instead of "traditional" Direct Links or Simple Landing Pages. SYC Tracker allows you to create Advanced Funnels, Lead Paths and Multi-Page Visitor Sequences with Lead Capture and Multiple Offers

Multiple Options

Run Review Style or Catalog Pages with Multiple Offers and more than one call to action on the page. Track all data for each Offer and Keyword, while split testing Multiple Landing Pages.You can also rotate through multiple offers for each option

Multiple Paths

SYC Tracker allows you to setup multiple path within one campaign giving you the ability to run branded and themed landing pages to multiple offers and rotate through each path to determine the highest performing path. Also identify the Keywords and Landing Pages in each path generating the most revenue.It's like running multiple campaigns in one campaign and is also great for testing Run of Network Traffic to Identify Potential Vertical Markets

Email Follow-Up

You can Fully track your Email Follow-ups as well. Yes the actual emails you are sending out your list and you can Rotate landing Pages and Offers from Emails.Easily Determine the effectiveness and profitability of your email marketing efforts. Assign the revenue generated Email Follow-Up Campaigns to the Campaign that generated the subscriber. SYC Tracker will then add any revenue generated to the campaign that built the subscriber list...So you can easily see the long term Profitability of your list building efforts

More Features...


What You Need To Install
SYC Tracker


Registered Domain Name

Linux VPS (Recommended) or Shared

PHP Version 5.6

MySQL Version 5.1 or above

Minimum 60MB of Disk Space

Ion Cube 4.4 Or Above

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Onetime Payment

Life Time License

Self Hosted

Custom Tracking Domains

Premium Support

Weekly Detection Database Update

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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